Business Consultants & Lawyers in Playa del Carmen

Thank you for your interest in CHF Calderón & Asociados, we are a law firm of Mexican lawyers, experts in Real Estate, Corporate, Immigration, Family, Agricultural Law and Intellectual Property. Read More

Corporate law in Mexico: S. de R.L. & S.A. de C.V.

Caribbean If you are about to open a business, and need a corporate entity to operate it, surely you have asked yourself what are your options and legal implications exist, but more than anything, what type of organization best meets your Read More

Title Searches, Investigation and Background Checks in Mexico

Investigation The Mexican legal system is often thought by the our neighbors to the north as complicated and cryptic because of its classically written format and the registry system that Mexico inherited from Spain, which in turn inherited it from Ancient Read More

Corporate, Real Estate, Family, Agrarian and Immigration Law

Crowded Beach At Calderón & Asociados we believe that we should stick to what we do well, therefore we only practice the areas of law that we have studied and have experience in. We offer our clients expertise in corporate, immigration, real Read More

Real Estate Escrow and Closing Costs in Mexico

Closing costs in Mexico are often a surprise for foreign buyers… Sometimes they feel the closing costs are too low, sometimes too high, but many times they are just confused why they were told one approximate by their attorney, a Read More

The New Tourist Card in Mexican Immigration Law

On May 25th, 2011, Mexico published its new migratory law (Ley de Migración) in response to glaring human rights violations, but as well as the human rights protections, the new law also includes some changes that affect expat foreigners.  The Read More

Immigration Mexico: Visitor, Temporary Resident and Permanent Resident

For the visitor to Mexico, one of the most important legal topics is immigration law. Do you know everything about immigration in Mexico? How long can you stay? Can you get a job while you are here? These questions and Read More

Family Law: Marriage, Adoption and Divorce in Mexico

The family is the most basic organization in our society: Its definition and configuration has changed throughout time, but it has maintained its importance and relevance in the legal world. Family relations stretch much further than the purely legal, entering Read More

Buying Real Estate in Mexico

Investing in Mexico For its climate, geographic situation, culture, economic growth, the high appreciation of property values and for many other reasons, Mexico has become a world class destination for real estate investors of all types, from those looking for Read More

Corporate Law in Mexico: Corporations, SA de CV, Business and Notaries

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