Same-sex Marriages in Quintana Roo Now a Reality

gay and lesbian marriage Today, November 30th, 2011, will be marked as a historic date in the legal and social life of Quintana Roo, as though almost unnoticed and barely mentioned in the media, were held the first two marriages between same sex persons Read More

Getting Married in Mexico: Laws, Timetable and the Civil Registry

Thinking of getting married in Mexico? Yes it is possible, however there are many things to know before taking any decision which will help you to make the marriage process a completely out-of-the-box experience       By Solomon Freimuth Read More

A Brief History of Adoption in Mexico

Adoption as we know it today has been evolving throughout the ages. Various civilizations have recognized and utilized it. In Mexico, the figure was not clearly regulated until 1917. Unlike other eras, the focus given to adoption today is that Read More

Adoption in Mexico – A Solution to Vulnerable Children and Social Breakdown

By Patricia Clemente and Gustavo Calderon; translated by Solomon Freimuth   VULNERABLE CHILDREN AND ADOPTION AS PART OF THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM OF SOCIAL BREAKDOWN IN MEXICO.   Being able to adopt in Mexico is considered, by international standards, Read More

Requirements and Procedures for International Adoption in Mexico

By Marisol Hernández; translated by Solomon Freimuth   REQUIREMENTS, PROCEDURE AND INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION   Currently, the adoption procedure in Mexico is considered long and on occasion can become difficult or tedious, this derived from lack of knowledge of the procedure Read More