New Immigration Rules for Mexico

New Immigration Rules for Mexico The new Migration Law (Ley de Migración) was published on May 25th, 2011. It couldn’t be in effect because this law only managed general concepts and principles about the migration phenomenon in Mexico, the specific procedures where meant to be Read More

Same-sex Marriages in Quintana Roo Now a Reality

gay and lesbian marriage Today, November 30th, 2011, will be marked as a historic date in the legal and social life of Quintana Roo, as though almost unnoticed and barely mentioned in the media, were held the first two marriages between same sex persons Read More

VideoBlog: Foreigners Buying Land in Mexico

Please have a look at Calderón & Asociados new videoblog format. Our first installment is about foreigners purchasing land in Mexico. Enjoy! Or have a look at the video on YouTube! Read More

Foreigners Participating in Public Protests In Mexico

Occupy Protest Protests around the globe are spreading rapidly, the Internet and the Social Networks in particular are playing a special role in these public demonstrations, from the Occupy in New York to the Indignant of Madrid, protests seem to be closer Read More