What is an Apostille? What do I need to get an Apostille?

If you do business or just conduct live in Mexico for a long enough time you will run into some government office or even private organization that asks you for a copy of your birth certificate which has been “Apostillado”. Read More

VideoBlog: What is a Trust and Can Foreigners Buy Land in Mexico?

What is a trust and how does a foreigner buy land in Mexico? This is a small video talking about the Mexican fideicomiso, the trust system that allows non-Mexicans to purchase real estate in Mexico along the restricted zone. Read More

VideoBlog: Foreigners Buying Land in Mexico

Please have a look at Calderón & Asociados new videoblog format. Our first installment is about foreigners purchasing land in Mexico. Enjoy! Or have a look at the video on YouTube! Read More

Permanent Resident: The New “Inmigrado” Visa In Mexican Immigration

This is part three of a series of articles on the Mexican “Ley de Migración” which was published on May 25th, 2011. This piece deals with the classification of PERMANENT RESIDENT and also with the provisional articles of the law Read More

Starting a Business in Mexico: Taxes, Immigration and Incorporation

Starting A Business So you want to pack up and move to paradise? Before you put your house on the market and start selling off your ski gear, you may want to spend some time investigating your options as to moving to Mexico. Read More

Pro Bono Work: Malix Pek Dog Shelter & Caritas Quintana Roo

Malix Pek A.C. At Calderón & Asociados, we realize the importance of giving back to the community we live in and are committed to helping those in need, be they private individuals or local private assistance organizations.  As part of our services we Read More

Expat Newsletter: Useful information for Expats Living in Mexico

Subscribe to our Expat Newsletter! Our clients expect us to keep them informed on changes in Mexican law having to do with taxes, immigration issues, importation of goods and other issues pertaining to their lives.  We are now offering this Read More

Business Consultants & Lawyers in Playa del Carmen

Thank you for your interest in CHF Calderón & Asociados, we are a law firm of Mexican lawyers, experts in Real Estate, Corporate, Immigration, Family, Agricultural Law and Intellectual Property. Read More

Corporate law in Mexico: S. de R.L. & S.A. de C.V.

Caribbean If you are about to open a business, and need a corporate entity to operate it, surely you have asked yourself what are your options and legal implications exist, but more than anything, what type of organization best meets your Read More

Title Searches, Investigation and Background Checks in Mexico

Investigation The Mexican legal system is often thought by the our neighbors to the north as complicated and cryptic because of its classically written format and the registry system that Mexico inherited from Spain, which in turn inherited it from Ancient Read More